Advice For Protecting Your Home


Keeping your home secure from break-ins is one of the most important things you want to do as a home owner. There are a few steps you can take that will help you make your home less inviting to criminals. The information below will offer you some advice on a few different things you can do to help deter criminals.

Don't leave your belongings in clear view

Consider arranging your furniture so that your most valuable items can't be seen through the window. Keep all of your expensive outside toys and tools in the garage with the garage door shut unless you need it opened to move the car out or for another reason. Another way to keep your expensive items private is to make sure to not throw away boxes from expensive purchases in the trash. You should first cut the boxes up and put them in a black plastic trash bag.   

Make it hard to get in to your yard and house

The harder you make it for someone to get into your home, the more confidant you can feel that a break-in isn't going to happen. A locked gate around your property can be a good start. You should also make sure all your windows have tight fitting screens on them.

Keep your house visible from the street

Cut back any shrubbery that provides a criminal the ability to work on a door or window without being seen by neighbors or anyone passing by your house. Consider going with a chain link fence instead of a fence or wall that could hide a burglar so they can't be seen from the street. There is a bit of safety that comes with someone being able to recognize a burglary taking place at your house and phoning it in to the local authorities.

Have a security alarm installed in your home

A security system not only alerts you and the proper authorities to a break in, but it also decreases the chances that a criminal will even attempt to break into your house. This is especially true if your security system has cameras.

Have a lock smith install better locks

Each door should have a deadbolt since deadbolt locks are much harder to get into than regular doorknob locks. Your windows and sliding glass doors should also be checked to make sure the locks will do a good job of keeping an intruder out. A locksmith can determine weaknesses in your locks and upgrade worrisome ones to locks that will do a better job of protecting your home.

For more information and professional assistance, talk with local locksmiths or security companies, like ND Security Company.


14 December 2015

Protecting Your Tween While Home Alone

Letting your tween stay home alone for the first time may be an exciting experience for them, but it likely makes you a little worried. To give yourself some peace of mind and to help protect your tween while home alone, it’s a good idea to create a safety kit and store it in a safe place that can be accessed from outside of the house, like in a locked box in the garage, that can be used in case of emergencies. The kit should include first-aid items, emergency phone numbers, and even a prepaid cell phone. You should also have your locksmith change all of the locks for a fresh start and make two copies of the new keys for your tween – one to keep with them at all times, and one to hide outside in case the first is lost.