How To Prepare For Your Next Car Key Dilemma


If you locked your keys in your car, lost them, damaged them, or just need replacements for any other reason, then you'll need to go to the locksmith right away. But, you can take this opportunity to prepare for the next time something like this happens. The future version of you will be happy that you did. Here are a few ways to do this.  

Store Your Car Keys on a Kiosk

There are several options out there for kiosks where you can copy and store the pattern related to your car key. You just take out your car key, put it in the indicated slot for the kiosk, and then hit the button to copy it. Many locksmiths will have kiosks like this at their stores. It's also common to find them in areas you can access during non-business hours, making them ideal for emergencies.

You can store the key, and then if you ever lock yourself out, you can head to the kiosk to print out a new one, no matter when this is. You'll be glad you did if it just so happens to be 2 in the morning in the middle of a blizzard the next time something happens to your key.

Save the Key on the Cloud

Some companies, including plenty of locksmith companies, will also let you store a pattern of your key with them. Then, when you need the key, you can just let them know either through a phone call or through a smartphone app that you need key replacements. The replacement will then be sent to you in the mail, or else it will be created on premises where you can go and pick it up at your convenience.

Unlock Your Car with Other Tech

You can also often get keyless entry fobs at the same place where you get replacement car keys. That way, if you lock both your keys and the keyless entry device in your car, you'll have a backup option for getting them out.

Additionally, it's also now possible to set it up so that you can unlock your car door with your smartphone as a last resort. This usually uses Bluetooth Keyless Entry systems.

It is worth noting that many ignition keys can't be duplicated in this way. However, you can get remote ignition starters installed if this is a worry and you're expecting to misplace ignition keys more in the future. 


16 December 2015

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