Important Things To Keep In Your Family Cars


Remember when your kids were babies and you'd travel with things like extra diapers, changes of clothes, baby food and toys to keep them occupied? Now that your kids are driving, it's extra important to make sure that all of your family cars are stocked with the things that you or your family members might need in case of an emergency, whether it's a small one or a large one.

Imagine Minor Emergencies

Picture your teenager in a situation where he or she has been asked to stay after school for quite a while. What are things that would be handy to have in the car? One thing to have would be a baggie full of coins that could be used to buy things out of a food machine. Another idea is to keep a box with things like bottles of water, granola bars, boxed raisins or fruit snacks and a package of sugar-free gum. A basic first aid kit would certainly come in handy if your teenager requires something like an over-the-counter pain pill or a band aid. Get your teenagers to think of things that you haven't remembered. An extra pair of sneakers? Feminine products? Either of those things could be really important to have in the car.

Think of Major Problems 

Be sure that your kids know exactly where insurance information is kept in case they are stopped by a policeman or in case of an accident. Also, keep about $20.00 in a secure place and explain that it's to be used only for emergencies. That could be when they're unexpectedly low on gasoline or for other legitimate times when they are caught without cash.

Another really important thing for them to have is the name and phone number of a tow-truck company. What if your teenager locks himself or herself out of the car? Having a hidden spare car key is not as safe as having access to a locksmith. Find a locksmith that is opened twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year. The locksmith will get to your kid's car rapidly and will use state-of-the-art tools to get into your car without doing any damage to the paint. It would be a good idea for the same locksmith to make emergency car key replacements for all of your family cars so that you'll be able to access the cars if you need to.

Have a family meeting where you discuss what should be done in the event of different car emergencies. 


17 December 2015

Protecting Your Tween While Home Alone

Letting your tween stay home alone for the first time may be an exciting experience for them, but it likely makes you a little worried. To give yourself some peace of mind and to help protect your tween while home alone, it’s a good idea to create a safety kit and store it in a safe place that can be accessed from outside of the house, like in a locked box in the garage, that can be used in case of emergencies. The kit should include first-aid items, emergency phone numbers, and even a prepaid cell phone. You should also have your locksmith change all of the locks for a fresh start and make two copies of the new keys for your tween – one to keep with them at all times, and one to hide outside in case the first is lost.