Six Easy Way To Make Your Home More Secure


A burglary is committed in the United States approximately every 15 seconds, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. That's more than 2.1 million burglaries every year. That's a worrisome statistic for any homeowner. Fortunately, there are several easy things you can do to keep your home more secure.

Easy and affordable ideas for keeping your home secure from burglars

1. Use your door and window locks. This may seem obvious, but how many times have you left your windows open while you ran to the store or left your front door unlocked while you were in the basement or gardening in the back yard? Any of those scenarios would provide easy access to an alert burglar.

2. Forget about that hidden key. Hiding a key outside your house is a bad idea, because under the mat or the flower pot beside the front door is the first place a potential thief is going to look.

3. Consider keyless locks. Keyless locks are becoming increasingly popular for residences. It's easy to see why. With this type of lock, you don't have to be worried about losing your door keys or having them copied when you leave them in your desk at work or give them to a valet to park your car.

4. Don't store your ladder outside. Storing a ladder outside your home may be convenient, but it's also an open invitation for a burglar to climb up to those open windows on your second level while you are at work or school.

5. Never leave your garage door open when you leave the house. Leaving your the door open to your attached garage gives potential burglars the opportunity to close the door behind them and take all of the time they need to get the door open to your home without being noticed by neighbors or cruising police units.

6. Keep your garage door remote hidden. Many people keep their home secure, but leave the remote garage opener in an unlocked car in the driveway. If you use a remote, make sure that it's well out of sight, or opt for a system where you can open your garage door from your smart phone.

The thought of someone breaking into your home is scary. However, by making sure to use your door and window locks, opting for a keyless entry system and getting rid of that hidden key and backyard ladder, you can help to increase the odds that a burglar will pass by your house in favor of the one down the street with less security. Contact a business, such as Broadway Locksmith Inc, for more information.   


3 May 2016

Protecting Your Tween While Home Alone

Letting your tween stay home alone for the first time may be an exciting experience for them, but it likely makes you a little worried. To give yourself some peace of mind and to help protect your tween while home alone, it’s a good idea to create a safety kit and store it in a safe place that can be accessed from outside of the house, like in a locked box in the garage, that can be used in case of emergencies. The kit should include first-aid items, emergency phone numbers, and even a prepaid cell phone. You should also have your locksmith change all of the locks for a fresh start and make two copies of the new keys for your tween – one to keep with them at all times, and one to hide outside in case the first is lost.