Signs That You Need To Have Your Door Lock Replaced


You will want to keep your home secure by knowing when it is time to have the locks on your door replaced. To help you with this, you will want to take a moment to review the following points.

The Lock Is Not Steady

A door lock that is not securely in place will need to be promptly replaced. The extra wiggling of the lock may be a big indicator that there is something wrong with the lock, such as a broken internal piece. If ignored, over time, you may find that the lock will get looser and looser. It is also a safety concern, as criminals may be able to use the looseness of the lock to break through it.

Rust Is Forming On The Lock

If you are noticing rust on the outside of the lock, there is a good chance that there is also rust on the inside of the lock. Therefore, it is best to have the lock replaced before it no longer functions for you.

The Key Feels Like It Barely Fits Anymore

If you have been using the same key for your door for a long time without trouble, but have suddenly discovered that it seems as though the key is barely fitting in the keyhole anymore, you will want to have the lock replaced. There could be a problem with the internal workings of the lock that is causing the key slot to become more narrow. Eventually, if this issue is not resolved in a timely manner, the key could become stuck in the door. This is a problem because you then run the risk of criminals gaining easy access to your home until you are able to have the door lock replaced.

You Have To Keep Adding Lubricant To The Lock

While adding lubricant to a door lock once in a while is not normally cause for concern, it can be an issue if this is something that you are having to do more often than ever before. The reason for you having to do this so often may be due to the development of rust within the lock. Even if you keep adding lubricant, the rust will continue to cause a problem and the only way to resolve this issue is to simply have the lock replaced with a new one.

With those four points in mind, you should be able to determine when it is time to go ahead and have your door locks replaced. For more information, contact professionals like Fradon Lock Co Inc.


22 July 2016

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