4 Things Most People Don't Realize About Burglar-Proofing Their Home


If you are like most people, you give very little thought to your home's locks. You come home from work each day with your key or garage door opener, not considering how easy it could be to break into your home without proper protection. Many people don't realize exactly how easily some of their personal identification and valuables could be stolen. These tips will help you keep your home, family, and belongings as safe as possible. 

1. Taking photos of your keys could be your downfall.

You may have downloaded a helpful smartphone app that can help you keep track of your keys should you lose them. Many people take pictures of their keys so that they can be replicated later on should the key become lost or stolen. Unfortunately, other people may also be able to use pictures of your keys to get into your house or car. For this reason, it is wise to keep your keys out of sight in public or around strangers. 

2. Some people may try to enter your home with fake credentials.

Ever felt suspicious about that magazine salesperson? What about the plumber you never called but who showed up anyway? Even a badge can be totally faked. Best advice? Don't let somebody into your home without a valid reason. If you did not call the contractor to take a look at your house, they have no reason to come inside. 

3. Lock your doors even when you are at home.

Simply because you are home does not mean that locking your doors is a wasted effort. An unscrupulous burglar may still try to open your door, even if you might be in the house, especially if lights are off and your car is parked in the garage.

4. The door frame and jamb are just as important as your lock.

If the frame and jamb of your door are weak, it provides an easy port of entry for a burglar who may just need to kick it out of whack to gain access. An expert locksmith may be able to help you assess the overall strength of your doors so that you do not find any unwelcome surprises next time you come home.

Burglar-proofing your home is a serious concern that all too many people fail to oversee correctly. With an expert locksmith service, you can keep everything in your home safe. Check out websites like http://www.alocksmithriverside.com to learn more.


23 January 2017

Protecting Your Tween While Home Alone

Letting your tween stay home alone for the first time may be an exciting experience for them, but it likely makes you a little worried. To give yourself some peace of mind and to help protect your tween while home alone, it’s a good idea to create a safety kit and store it in a safe place that can be accessed from outside of the house, like in a locked box in the garage, that can be used in case of emergencies. The kit should include first-aid items, emergency phone numbers, and even a prepaid cell phone. You should also have your locksmith change all of the locks for a fresh start and make two copies of the new keys for your tween – one to keep with them at all times, and one to hide outside in case the first is lost.